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Thursday, 3 May 2018

USDTWD Chart Analysis

I dedicate my research analysis on USDTWD chart analysis to my Taiwanese friends and readers.

I notice that this pair of currency where it is very bearish in nature as the charts pattern form a descending triangle retest the downtrend line black in color for more shorts positions.

All time high is of 35.17 on year 2009 March 2, year 2016 January 28 recent high is register at 33.69 and price had seen a spiral downtrending since.

Base on Technical Analysis, price is projected to reach 25 price level the depth of the descending triangle.

Someone told me Taiwanese prefer to trade US markets. Taiwanese can also consider to travel to USA for their holiday destinations.

USDTWD Monthly Chart without Technical Analysis

USDTWD Monthly Chart with Technical Analysis

USDTWD Historical Chart

USDTWD Historical Chart with Technical Analysis

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