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Sunday, 8 July 2018


I dedicate this USDMYR Chart for my malaysian friends

short to medium term, i anticipate that USDMYR will retest 4.20 resistance which will likely see consolidation for further upswing move.

MYR weakening could probably stimulate and stroke Crude Palm Oil demand may see increase in exports.

Base on Technical Analysis (TA)

1) Monthly chart shows possible ascending triangle with immediate target price of 4.20 and recent high of 4.49 on 30 December 2016.

2) price channel rectangular chart pattern between green color classical resistance trendlines.

3) possible double bottom "W" using the lower green classical support trendlines as the bencahmark where we see price touches on both occasion.

A break of above 4.49 may see retest of all time high of 4.71 registered in year 1998 as publish by Trading Economics historical data suggest, may even see 5.00 target set as new all time high.

USDMYR with Technical Analysis

Source from Trading Economics

USDMYR Historical Monthly Chart 

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