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Sunday, 15 September 2019

Voice Translator Device

I would like to share on which you are probably aware of a Voice Translator Device able to voice translate from A language to B langauge instantly.

The voice translator device is useful for business meeting presentation and Travellers who are unable to communicate with the natives.

Instead of buying a voice translator device which would cost at least USD $200 bucks for a device bought online, you could actually download an app called Google Translate to perfrom voice translation instantly, you dont have to pay any fees to perform instantly voice translation with ever changing technological advancement to improve our lives.

I am afraid that with the technology disruption, more businesses are under pressure especially so where the manufacturer of the voice translator device could see declining sales volume, trainers who are teaching particular popular language like Japanese, Korean, Italian, German and French language cpuld see less participation.

I will show you how to voice translate from an English language to Japanese language without the need to purchase a voice translator device, you can do it free via your smart phone as simple as that, albeit the speed of translating is probably slower than the voice translator device.

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Youtube link below is the how voice translator device operate.

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